• Tillkomstår: 2007
  • Verktyp: 4 instrument
  • Uruppförande: 4 augusti 2009 i Berg 211, Göteborg
  • Speltid: 9 min

Instrumentering (besättning)

4 electric guitars

Exempel på tryckta utgåvor

BabelScores, Paris 2016

Beskrivning av verket

Ensatsigt verk


Speed Devils is a work dealing with so called tapping, a playing technique unique to the electric guitar and made famous by rock guitarists such as Eddie van Halen. Using tapping, neck-breakingly fast patterns can be played. Unlike in rock music, the focus in this piece is not on the solitary guitar hero, but on the interplay between three equally important guitarists, whose individual licks are woven together into a larger whole.

About halfway through the piece, a fourth electric guitar joins in, using an E-Bow to play a very slow melody, against the virtuosic high-speed music of the first three.