• Tillkomstår: 2005
  • Verktyp: 6 instrument
  • Uruppförande: 20 maj 2005 på Fylkingen, Stockholm. Ensemble KROCK
  • Speltid: 10 min

Instrumentering (besättning)

4 electric guitars, electric bass, perc

Exempel på tryckta utgåvor

Svensk Musik, Stockholm 2006

Beskrivning av verket

Ensatsigt verk


Klubbmusik could be regarded as the last part of a trilogy of pieces, the first two being Alone Together for double bass and piano, and Aldrig mer Skinnskatteberg for string orchestra. In all three pieces a special technique of playing string instruments is employed, where harmonics are produced by striking the strings with mallets. It is only with Klubbmusik and the use of electric guitars that this technique is really made justice, as these instruments possess the built-in amplification necessary to make clear the very soft sounds produced by it.